The appeal letters from Torsten Nenzén.


Karolinska Institutet (KI) is a nationalistic and corrupt medical university situated in Stockholm, Sweden. Karolinska Institutet is also known for its unethical Nobel Prize Assembly who annually decides a recipient of the Nobel Prize in Medicine (

Karolinska Institutet obstructs and discriminates against all international evidence in the abortion sciences that contradicts the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs policy on abortion. Karolinska Institutet rejects all published evidences which show that some women suffer mental ill health related to induced abortion. Karolinska Institutet consequently refuses any academic communication with its student in Public Health Sciences, because Karolinska Institutet has decided that "There is no evidence in literature.", whereas the student refers to the evidence in literature in reviewed published articles of internationally recognized scientific journals. The evidence in literature demonstrates a causal relationship between abortion and mental ill health among women. The Swedish professor-cowards at Karolinska Institutet and the sciencephobic parliamentarians of Sweden, through their persistent statement that Sweden's abortion policies "have a positive effect on women", are concurrently at war against evidence-based science. At Sweden's Karolinska Institutet, national government policies overrule scientific evidence.

Sweden’s cultural and political aversions against truth, science, justice and God are incessantly expressed in the Swedish society, and are enforced in the abortion sciences by the sciencephobic Karolinska Institutet. Although the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) of U.S.A. has demanded correction from Sweden, all Swedish governmental authorities insist that Sweden should continue to discriminate. Sweden’s sciencephobic discrimination is unlawful according to United Nations Convention against Discrimination in Education.

Karolinska Institutet obstructs, discriminates and lies for the sake of denying the international evidence of abortion science: KI discrimination and lies.

The appeal letters sent to Sweden's sciencephobic Parliament and to the politicised Karolinska Institutet, from the unlawfully excommunicated student at KI, can be read here: Karolinska Institutet sciencephobia.

Karolinska Institutet opposes all results that contradict the Swedish government policies on induced abortion. Existence of the following published scientific articles are denied by the evil nation of Sweden, and by Sweden’s sciencephobic Karolinska Institutet:

    Sweden’s politically corrupted medical university, Karolinska Institutet, continues to categorically and sciencephobically deny all scientific evidence that some women suffer mental ill health related to induced abortion. At Karolinska Institutet, where the political-domain intersect and confound the science-domain, existing scientific evidence and the pursuit of advancing scientific truth are forced to yield to Sweden’s nationalistic interests and political agenda.

    At Sweden’s Nobel Prize-prestigious Karolinska Institutet, Swedish nationalism is observably prioritised over reason, evidence and science.


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